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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Annual Masumoto farm heirloom peach menu!

Saturday, July 13
8 pm
limited seating for 20
for more information or to make reservations: vegshaku8 at gmail

Special guest will be Marcy Masumoto, reading between courses from her recent cookbook and from her husband, David "Mas" Masumotos' writings! This is a first in the history of our underground restaurant series to have a reader. We usually feature world renowned musicians and this will be the first in a new part of our underground dining experiences, featuring readers in between courses.

For many years, we have presented a menu featuring the Sun Crest heirloom peach grown by one of California's farming treasures, the Masumoto Family Farm. This organic farm has been producing some of the finest heirloom varieties peaches or 4 generations! The Masumoto farm is an extraordinary piece of living history of Japanese American culinary and farming expertise. Every peach coming from the farm is a work of art!

still developing the menu...

Still improvising to do but it appears tonights peach menu is settling into these 7 courses
first course
suncrest peach, halved
homemade peach soda

second course
White gazpacho (cold almond, garlic and peach soup)

third course
Vietnamese style summer roll with fresh rice noodles, fried tempeh (homemade) and Vietnamese herbs with peach sweet and sour sauce and peach mustard sauce.

fourth course
Grilled peach stuffed with homemade cashew chevre coated with chervil, peppercorns and chives over a bed of mizuna. cherry balsamic reduction

fifth course
Smoked tempeh with peach - rum barbecue sauce (homemade tempeh!! and Zaya 15 year rum)
radiccio salad
Roasted corn, zucchini and chilis
Baquette (from Arizmendi-Emeryville)

sixth course
peach slices set in blueberry kanten
peaches marinated in niku jaya brandy
peach blueberry cardamom smoothie

seventh course
hot peach - raspberry cobbler
peach pistachio rosewater sorbet

peach class, July 8, 2013

Monday, July 8
7 pm
limited seating for 8
for more information or to make reservations: vegshaku8 at gmail

My favorite fruit are peaches! And my favorite peaches are grown by the Masumoto Family farm! We will exclusively be using peaches from this 4th generation Japanese American farming treasure!

Hands on class!
We will be making the following dishes

almond, garlic, peach gazpacho
grilled peach salad
smoked tempeh with peach barbecue sauce *using my homeade tempeh!*
peach rosewater cake
peach walnut sorbet

and more