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Saturday, December 25, 2010

soup class on Saturday, January 15

We are back with classes! :)

In the Mood for Food

Date: Saturday, January 15
time: noon till approximately 2:30
fee: $50/person
limited space for 8

Hands on cooking class. All students will be involved in the creation and then consumption of each dish.

We will explore a few winter soups made from fresh winter vegetables along with the finest dried grains and beans.

We will learn to make Japanese dashi from kombu (seaweed) and dried mushroom and use this stock to make 2 soups; miso soup and  ochazuke, a rice and seaweed and pickled plum soup made with a stock that combines dashi and green tea.

other soups we will create will be
mung Dal soup with pumpkin

We will make a vegetable stock and with that stock create the following soups
pozole  (Mexican hominy and bean soup)
garbanzo bean/tahini soup

for more information or to reserve your spot please contact me at

Friday, December 3, 2010

wild mushrooms

Matsutake to be split, grilled and sprinkled with yuzu and shoyu

Hedgehog mushrooms for polenta

45 pieces of yuzu and 45 pieces of kafir limes

The yuzu will be used as "bowls" for a Thai red curry stuffed with homemade tempeh, long beans and lotus root (all diced).
The kafir will be stuffed with kafir lime sorbet!