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Monday, August 24, 2015

Kurahashi Yodo II dinner/concert Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday September 5, 2015
8 pm
limited seating for 20
for more information or to reserve seats,

This dinner/concert series began 10 years ago with a solo performance by Yodo Kurahashi II. This amazing shakuhachi player, who happens to be my teacher, has returned to the series numerous times when visiting the bay area. He is a very popular performer, traveling around the world, constantly. Once again he is visiting San Francisco from Kyoto and will perform in this intimate space. Come see why Kurahashi sensei is considered to be one of the greatest shakuhachi players of his generation!

homemade soba noodles served cold in Soymilk-sesame broth
cucumbers pickled with Masumoto Peach Blossoms

socca (chickpea crepes) with smoked egglant spread, grilled corn and peppers, olive tapenade, schug

Jamaican Turn Cornmeal
Black eyed pea fritters
spiced plaintains
Sauteed calalu greens
tomato-peanut-tamarind sauce

mixed berry cobbler
mixed berry sorbet
mixed berry madeira sauce

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thai cooking class Sunday, August 30 in Oakland

Sunday August 30, 2015
limited space for 8
for more information or to register :

A hands on class exploring some summer dishes from Thailand.

Thai Corn fritters w/ sweet vinegar sauce
Fried morning glory stems with garlic and fermented bean curd
Lettuce wraps with tempeh, ginger, chili and herbs
summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Spanish cooking class, Sunday August 23, 2015

Sunday August 23, 2015
limited space for 8
for more information or to register :

A hands on cooking class featuring some wonderful dishes from Spain.
We will make the following:
Romesco sauce (roasted red peppers sauce)
Paella (the classic rice dish with saffron)
Spanish bean salad
White gazpacho (ajo blanco, almond garlic soup)

introduction to nut cheese making class, Sunday August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015
limited space for 8
for more information or to register:

A hands on class showing you the basics of making nut cheeses, fermented and non-fermented.
Learn to make some basics like ricotta and chevre from cashews and almonds.
Learn to make your own rejuvelac from grains to produce your own probiotics for fermenting cheeses.
limited space for 8
for more information or to register,

corn class Sunday August 9, 2015

Sunday August 9, 2015
location: loft in West Oakland
limited space for 8
For more information or to register

Another hands on class, this time exploring a wonderful vegetable, corn, and how it is used in various parts of the world.

Menu we will be preparing
Skillet corn bread with corn and chilis
Roasted corn and pepper salad
Sichuan corn soup
Thai Corn Fritters with sweet vinegar cucumber sauce