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Saturday, August 28, 2010

sichuan/chinese class Saturday, september 12 at Noon

sunday. September 12
limited space for 8
for more information or to make reservations;
...phil at philipgelb (dot) com
510 393 6096

Sichuan and chinese flavors

hands on class with all participants creating the dishes. I will supply the highest quality ingredients for you to cook with. Demystify one of the great culinary traditions; Chinese! There are many culinary traditions within China and this class will be focusing on styles from sichuan province and Beiing. Explre a variety of knife techniques and various cooking techniques:steaming, stir frying, braising, baking, frying with some delightful summer dishes.

sichuan chili oil
spicy cucumber and peanut salad
green onion pancake
tempeh char siu
steamed chinese buns
stir fried green beans
marinated baked tofu
tofu with spicy sesame sauce

lunch for 6 in San Ramon, August 25 2010

italian menu

Caprese salad (homemade tofu, heirloom tomatos, basil, olive oil, herbs, spices, balsamic)
trufled mushroom ravioli with basil pesto
eggplant rolled with almond cheese and pine nuts w/ tomato sauce
raw nectarine-blueberry pecan tart
blackberry ice "cream"

dinner for 13 in Oakland hills, October 18, 2010

poblano peppers stuffed with roasted corn salad
flat tofu cut into noodles with spicy sesame sauce
red lentil pate
...homemade pita bread
roasted vegetable platter (eggplants, green beans, summer squashes)
cucumber yuzu pickles
raw nectarine-blueberry-walnut tart
blackberry ice "cream"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jewish New years cooking class

Thursday, September 2
7 pm
limited space for 8

A hands on class, focusing on some Jewish new years dishes. Learn to cook like a Jewish grandma!!
These classes are designed to demystify food. Learn to create delightful dishes, some quite simple and some fairly complex, so all levels of cooking skills are welcome.  I supply the highest quality ingredients for the classes, often sourced directly from the farms.
Learn about ingredients, kitchen tools and meet some other fun, friendly food enthusiasts in the process.

buckwheat cabbage sauerkraut soup
apple-celery root-fennel salad
stuffed collard rolls in tomato sauce
schlischkes (a very rare Hungrian Jewish potato dish that will blow your mind)
beets roasted with horseradish

plus more

you do not have to be Jewish to love this cuisine and learn how to make it. However, if you have a Jewish grandma, some of these flavors will be very comforting to you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

some recent food shots

homemade tempeh crusted with pistachios, roasted and pickled vegetables, apricot sauce

Ochazeuke (rice with green tea, umeboshi, kaiware, nori

home made tofu, stir fried snow peas and carrots, kaiware and spicy peanut sauce

2 kinds of heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo farms, roasted yellow squash, pecan pate