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Monday, November 29, 2010

finger foods for a garden opening party in Berkeley Hills, December 4

various dips and breads
homemade Pita bread
homemade pumpkin, mulitgrain, seed breads
hummous, beet-nut, pate, herbed cashew "cheese"

-sope (fried homemade corn tortillas) topped with black bean puree, guacamole and persimmon salsa.

-polenta grilled with wild hedgehog mushrooms and basil (hopefully we will forage our own chanterelles for this!)

-Grilled matsutake mushrooms with shoyu and wasabi

 -yuzu stuffed with Thai red curry. Homemade red curry paste with diced lotus root and long beans with diced homemade tempeh served in a yuzu cup

-yellow mountain  chipotle bean balls in pomegranate-dried tomato sauce (from tomatos i dried earlier in the fall)

-buckwheat knishes with mustard
tempeh and kabocha  kabobs (pomegranate miso glazed homemade tempeh)

deep fried brussel sprouts with smoked salt and yuzu

-chocolate pasta shell stuffed with pecans cranberries and pears
(homemade chocolate pasta shaped into a shell and fried)

-sichuan peppercorn-yuzu truffles

-kaffir lime sorbet served in kaffir limes

Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 day catering for a meditation retreat

Weekend of November 26-28

Day one
quinoa pilaf

tempeh terriyaki
seaweed salad
sweet potatos, purple cabbage and kale stir fried with ginger

day 2
wild rice/basmati rice salad w/ dried cranberries, pine nuts and mixed greens
dal/pumpkin soup

tofu dengaku
burdock/lotus kinpira
carrot/beet/daikon/hijiki salad w/ umeboshi sesame dressing

day 3
mixed bean soup
whole oats with mushrooms and peas and mixed greens

adzuki bean/kabocha stew
dandelions with walnut miso dressing
lotus root pickled with shoyu
daikon pickled with sencha
burdock pickled with sichuan peppercorns and sesame

end of retreat, treat

pear/pecan tart with vanilla oolong ice "cream"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asian fusion menu in Concord, Nov 21, 2010

tempeh char siu (homemade tempeh)
pan seared tofu with spicy lemongrass-cranberry glaze
yuba marinated with shaoshing wine, mirin, shoyu and sesame oil, steamed and fried

Lemongrass ginger soup with tofu and seaweed

mushroom tofu laab in lettuce wrap

Thai red curry with tempeh, lotus root and long beans served in an edible pumpkin bowl (homemade curry paste)

kafir lime sorbet
grilled marinated persimmon

Friday, November 12, 2010

mexican dinner in the berkeley hills, November 12

In the Mood for Food Presents

Dinner for 18 at Erin and Anthony’s
Friday, November 12, 2010

passed appetizers
tempeh and persimmon skewers grilled with lime, cumin
empanadas stuffed with saged butternut squash and almond “cheese”
sope (cornmeal “bowl”)stuffed with wild mushrooms and herbs

Hominy, beans, vegetables in a rich tomato/ chili broth

enchiladas stuffed w/ kale and potatos with red mole sauce
black bean puree
quinoa pilaf
green beans sauteed with olives
pickled vegetables

Mexican chocolate cake
chocolate serrano ice “cream”
chocolate madeira sauce