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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Manring dinner/concert, San Francisco, August 22

Co presenting this event with my friend Rocco Somazzi, formerly of Duende, the amazing Spanish restaurant and jazz/improvised music space in Oakland. Rocco will be running the front of house and organizing the pairings.

First Course - Soup

    Gazpacho (roasted heirloom tomatoes and peppers garnished with cucumber and olive tapenade).

Second Course - Salad

  Fried Squash blossom, stuffed with homemade cashew chevre and herbs served over a bed of  three kinds of roasted beets, arugula and balsamic herb dressing

Third Course - Entree

    Eggplant rollatini stuffed with homemade almond cheese, baked in red sauce
    Tempeh cutlets
    Romano beans
    Mushroom (lobster and morel) risotto

Fourth Course - Dessert

    Blueberry-pistachio cake with maple vanilla frosting
    Blueberry sorbet