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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kaoru Kakisazakai dinner/concert October 29, 2014

The great shakuhachi player, Kaoru Kakizakai returns from Tokyo for another appearance on the dinner/concert series.
One of the main teachers of the dokyoku school of shakuhachi playing allows Kaoru sensei to travel frequently and we are very pleased he wants to share his playing with us, again!

details coming ......
Wednesday October 29, 2014
7 pm
limited seating for 20
for more information or to register, vegshaku8 at gmail


Homemade soba with yuzu dressing
Dumpling pumpkin stuffed with Thai Hunter Curry, coconut milk, tempeh (from our friends at Rhizocali), long beans, lotus root. Jade Pearl Rice, Black Forbidden Rice 


Brian Tairaku Ritchie dinner/concert, October 9, 2014

A very rare solo appearance by Brian Tairaku Ritchie, known by many for being the bass player for the Violent Femmes for many many years. Brian has been studying shakuhachi for 2 decades and will be playing solo pieces for shakuhachi.

Thursday, October 9 2014
7 pm
limited space for 20
$85 with drink pairings
Location: loft in West Oakland
Reservations: vegshaku8 at gmail dot com

Dal with tomatoes

Dim sum plate
Apple smoked tofu wrapped with snow peas in yuba, fried wontons, Tempeh char siu steamed bun, daikon pickle, homemade mustard,

chile rellenos stuffed with homemade almond cheese, mexican rice, Rancho Gordo pinquita beans, kale with raisins and pine nuts

Apples stuffed with walnuts, raisins and baked in chardonnay and spices; oolong vanilla sorbet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thai dinner class, Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday September 24, 2014
7 pm
limited space for 8
for more information or to register: vegshaku8 at gmail

 A hands on class, everyone preparing the dishes as a group and then sitting down together, afterwards, to enjoy our creations.

Thai menu

-corn fritters with cucumber dressing
-rice noodles with mushrooms and herbs
-hunter curry soup
-basil eggplant
-tempeh with tamarind sauce

Italian dinner class September 10, 2014

Wednesday September 10, 2014
7 pm
limited space for 8
for more information or to register: vegshaku8 at gmail

As always a hands on class, participants creating all the dishes, together.

Italian dinner class
-minestrone soup
-tempeh cutlets
-sauteed greens with garlic
-salad with balsamic herb dressing

Sunday, August 3, 2014

San Jose -Seattle at the new Levis' stadium, thoughts on the stadium, food and soccer

Yodo Kurahashi II dinner/concert Tuesday, August 26 in Oakland

9 years ago the dinner/concert series began in a small loft in Oakland, California and the performer was one of the greatest shakuhachi players of our time, Yodo Kurahashi II. He has since returned to play on the series numerous times and we are thrilled once again to host him, visiting from Kyoto, Japan!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
7:30 pm
limited space for 20 people
for more information or to make reservations email vegshaku8 at gmail
$80/person with drink pairings

Chilled corn and chilies, cilantro pesto, homemade sichuan chili oil

Drink Pairing Lindemann's Brewery Peach Lambic

Mushroom Laab
A variety of mushrooms stir fried with corn, snow peas, long beans, mint, basil, ram,, hot mint, shiso, lime and toasted rice served in lettuce leaves.

Tempeh fesenjan (cooked with walnuts and pomegranate molasses)
Basmati rice with olive oil, dill, parsley and cilantro
Eggplant stewed with tomatoes
Roasted beet salad

drink pairing
Dog Fish Head Midas Touch

blueberry kanten
raspberry kanten
blueberry banana almond sorbet
toasted caramilzed nuts
fresh berries

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Manring dinner/concert, San Francisco, August 22

Co presenting this event with my friend Rocco Somazzi, formerly of Duende, the amazing Spanish restaurant and jazz/improvised music space in Oakland. Rocco will be running the front of house and organizing the pairings.

First Course - Soup

    Gazpacho (roasted heirloom tomatoes and peppers garnished with cucumber and olive tapenade).

Second Course - Salad

  Fried Squash blossom, stuffed with homemade cashew chevre and herbs served over a bed of  three kinds of roasted beets, arugula and balsamic herb dressing

Third Course - Entree

    Eggplant rollatini stuffed with homemade almond cheese, baked in red sauce
    Tempeh cutlets
    Romano beans
    Mushroom (lobster and morel) risotto

Fourth Course - Dessert

    Blueberry-pistachio cake with maple vanilla frosting
    Blueberry sorbet