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Thursday, May 19, 2011

dinner for 6 in Concord May 22

Assuming there is no rapture, we are returning to a client in Concord for another dinner for 6.

sweet potato miso soup with snow peas, wakame and enoki mushrooms

3 kinds of roasted beets, mizuna, fennel with sesame dressing

small plate

homemade tempeh marinated in
red miso, pomegranate mollases, garlic, ginger, spices and chili oil, covered in cherries and roasted, then put on kabobs with potatos and asparagus.
daikon pickled with sakura blossoms and karigane tea

tea smoked tofu wrapped in yuba with choy sum mue and cherry mustard sauce
lotus root pickle
hijiki salad
chrysanthemum greens with mustard sesame miso dressing
burdock with sesame seeds and sichuan peppercorns
jade pearl rice

Strawberry tarts
strawberry-rhubarb-pistachio-rosewater sorbet

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