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Thursday, February 7, 2013

underground restaurant returns, saturday, february 23

For the first time since November we are hosting one of our renowned dinners.  20 seats available for this fixed price menu, held in a loft in Oakland. Please join us, Chef Philip Gelb and sous Chef, Cori Spence as we share some of our fascination and explorations with the vegetarian culinary worlds of Thailand, Japan and China. Fresh local produce, even in the heart of winter is ripe for the kitchen here in Northern California as we begin the 8th year of these underground dining experiences.

Our  4 course menu is:

sour curry  (homeade curry paste with dried yuzu peel, dried  chilis, lemongrass, ctrus leaves and spies) with kabochs, lotus root, gai lan and sprouts

tempeh and mushroom Laab
A spicy, Thai lettuce wrapped salad with many herbs, fresh lime

tofu with orange sauce
sticky rice, steamed in lotus leaf
choy sum mue stir fried with shitake and ginger
flat tofu shredded with sesame oil and herbs

heirloom citrus kanten
blood orange custard
citrus truffles rolled in pistachios and citron salt

For more information or to reserve seats:

Saturday, February 23
8 pm

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