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Monday, March 4, 2013

Michael Manring dinner/concert, April 26

Friday April 26, 2013
8 pm
limited seating for 20

for more information or to make reservations, email vegshaku8 at gmail

In the Mood for Food
Philip Gelb - chef; Cori Spence - sous chef;  Petra Baktos Jarrett - server

April 26, 2013

Michael Manring dinner/concert

homemade green tea noodles served in tea dashi with lotus root tempura dusted in tea powder and daikon pickled with salt and tea leaves

radiccio, arugula, edible flowers, toasted pecans pumpkin and sesame seeds, currants in a dressing made with tea, sherry vinegar and lemon oil

tea smoked tofu
tea marinated, stir fried yuba
flat tofu braised in tea with sesame oil and cilantro
snow peas braised in sake
roasted asparagus puree
jade pearl rice w/ fresh bamboo and shiso

Concert: Michael Manring - solo electric bass guitar

green tea waffles
strawberry compote
tea dusted walnuts
green tea ice cream (cashew based)

teas will be sourced from our friends at
Tofu and flat tofu from
Yuba from hodo soy beanery

oil from

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