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Sunday, April 25, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

One of the great comfort foods for many people are chocolate chip cookies. Back in grad school, my roomate Phil Ballman and i worked our way through a book with the title, "100 of the worlds greatest chocolate chip cookie recipes". Must have tried at least 1/3 of them with the orange one and double chocolate being our faves. However, there were well over a dozen, truly exceptional recipe in that book of a wide variation of approaches to this kind of delightful late night snack. Of course all of these involved copious amounts of ingredients i no longer consume; eggs, butter and sugar. Thus the problem that i have dealt with for years, never finding a recipe online or in any book that i truly liked that was vegan and devoid of processed ingredients. Nor had i ever tasted a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that i liked.
After much experimenting, i started with a recipe, though altering some things such as using coconut oil instead of margarine from  the New Now and Zen Cookbook by a great chef, Miyoko Nishimoto ( Maple sweetened but it came out very crumbly. Added some yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam) to the batter, and binding occurred and the cookie was no longer crumbly.

Arigato Miyoko san for once again helping me out with a culinary problem and leading me in some great directions to explore!

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