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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May 3 Japanese menu, dinner for 8

We are hosting Monday night dinners for 8, the month of May. These are some of the last events i am hosting in the bay area as i am planning to move this summer. We will host one dinner/concert in May as well on May 15th with the amazing trombone player, Stuart Dempster

5 courses of handmade sustainable cuisine.

Monday, May 3
6:30 pm
Location: loft in Oakland
price: $40/person byob
for reservations, email phil at philipgelb dot com or 510 393 6096

asparagus miso chowder
asparagus puree sauteed asaparagus and asparagus tempura

hijiki, collards, daikon, sprouts with umeboshi sesame dressing

small plate
homemade tofu with shitake and maitake mushrooms served in seaweed dashi

homemade tempeh marinated in red miso, pomegranate mollasses and spices, roasted with tangerines
mixed heirloom rice pilaf
dandelion greens with walnut miso dressing
beets pickled with sakura (cherry blossoms) and salt
sauteed burdock and lotus root

vanilla ice "cream"
green tea ice "cream"
red bean sauce
toasted rice
our renowned cashew based ice creams will be the focus of this Japanese style sundae

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