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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday night dinners for 8 in May

Now that i tell people i am leaving the bay area this summer, many people are saying, "i wish i had a chance to hire you or attend one of your events that you host". This is a rather odd thing to hear being that i have been here and in business for many years and hosting my own events for 4 years. So chances were there!
Anyways, i am available for catering gigs till August 1 and at that point i will be homeless and living out of my car, surviving by playing shakuhachi on the street to make food and gas money. Before then i will host some events.

In May, every Monday we are hosting a small, intimate dinner for 8 in a loft in Oakland. As always, everything is handmade from local, ultra high quality organic ingredients (tea, spices and coconuts are the non local exceptions).

May 3 Japanese menu

May 10 Italian menu

May 17 Thai Menu

May 24 Mexican menu

all are $40/person, byob. No live music for these but we are hosting one dinner/concert in May on May 15 with the renowned trombone player, Stuart Dempster which is $55/person.

if you want to come, please contact me, soon as i imagine these will fill up quickly.

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