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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dinner for 10, september 9, oakland

Been a while since we presented a dinner only event, without live music. This allows us to offer a less expensive evening, still showing off our handcrafted cuisine; an international menu showcasing the finest local ingredients.

Friday, September 9, 2011
8 pm
limited seating for 10
for more information or to make reservations, vegshaku8 at gmail or 510 393 6096

chilled, silky saffron corn soup with red shiso pesto

apple corn bread with roasted corn salad

small plate
sope: Homemade tortilla bowls filled with black bean puree, guacamole and 2 salsas

eggplant rollatini (eggplant slices filled with our renowned almond "ricotta", baked in heirloom tomato sauce)
homemade fettucini
rappini sauteed with capers

baked apples, stuffed with walnuts and currants
roasted corn sorbet
blueberry sauce


  1. thank you Cee Ess, please send me an email so i have a way to contact you.