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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yang Jing dinner/concert March 12

We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to host yet another one of the world's greatest musicians. This time our special guest is Yang Jing, visiting from Beiing/Lucerne, arguably the greatest pipa player of our time. Known for her adventurous approach, collaborating with musicians and composers from many genres, here she will play a rare solo concert in the United States and in a very smll, intimate space.

5 course menu will be accompanying the concert and the menu will be published soon.

Monday, March 12
7 pm
limited seats for 18
for more information or to make reservations, 510 393 6096 or vegshaku8 at gmail

rice noodles in tamarind - lemongrass broth with asparagus, purple carrots and thai basil

cara cara oranges, roasted fennel and watercress with orange hazelnut dressing

small plate
fried dumplings (homemade dough stuffed with taro, tofu
sea weed salad
homemade spicy mustard

flat tofu noodles with spicy sesame sauce
tofu marinated in shaoshing, shoyu, star anise and oolong tea, smoked with plum wood
asparagus with black bean sauce
sichuan lotus root pickle
burdock pickled in white miso
jade pearl rice
black forbidden rice

buckwheat waffles
chocolate pecan raisin ice "cream" (cashew based)
maple glazed apples

Tofu and flat tofu from our friends at Tofu Yu in Berkeley.

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