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Sunday, June 24, 2012

dinner in Oakland, today

Preparing a dinner in a gorgeous home in Rockridge, today. We will be passing appetizers in the gorgeous garden, surrounded by fruit trees, roses and other beautiful trees and plants. And serving dinner in the beautiful home.
My old friend Diana Rowan will be performing harp both inside and out!
The menu we are presenting is:

appetizers in the garden
-fried dumplings filled with taro, peas and walnuts with sweet soy dipping sauce and homemade chili oil
-tofu smoked with cherry wood, wrapped in yuba and snow peas, with homemade cherry mustard

Entrees in dining room
Canneloni (homemade pasta filled with basil, pine nuts and homemade almond cheese in red sauce)
sauteed rappini with garlic and olives
mixed greens and roasted beets with cherry balsamic dressing

Thai Curry w/ tempeh, lotus, pease, eggplant, long beans
daikon pickled with tea leaves
choy sum stir fried with ginger
jade pearl rice, black rice
green papaya salad

pistachio - berry cake with cherry vanilla ice cream (cashew based)

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