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Friday, June 1, 2012

Joe Venegoni dinner/concert August 25

Saturday, August 25
8 pm
limited space for 20

Performer for this night will be the incredible dulcimer player/percussionist, Joe Venegoni. Joe has been living in the bay area for many years but just took a position at Julliard so is moving to NYC shortly after this gig

Gazpacho: chilled soup of tomatos, cucumbers and peppers


Small plate
Ravioli (homemade pasta stuffed with peas, pine nuts) with basil pesto

eggplant rollatini (eggplant slices stuffed with basil and homemade almond cheese in tomato sauce)
rappini with pine nuts and olives



  1. “To anyone who is a fan of Bela Fleck, Chick Corea or Pat Metheny, Venegoni's work is a must. A musician's musician, Venegoni is a master at one of the world's oldest instruments, the dulcimer.”
    - NY Village Voice

  2. “Venegoni has taken the dulcimer into the realm of fusion, and has extended its harmonic possibilities in a manner no less revolutionary than Hendrix did with the guitar.”
    - Piero Scaruffi, Chicago Tribune

  3. “Excellent! Venegoni sees the dulcimer as having sounds unheard. With gusto, imagination and invention, he brings exciting new music from what resembles a miniature version of the insides of a piano.”
    - The Indianapolis Star

  4. Every time I go to a music/dinner event hosted by Phil, I always feel like I am in Heaven. Few things are more sublime than eating wonderful food in a cozy, intimate setting while listening to music one might not normally get to experience live.

    If you are familiar with a performer or not-just go to one of the events and you will want to sign up for every single one after that!