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Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 underground restaurants, 4 course pumpkin menus. only 8 seats each, $40/person

Monday October 7, 2013

Dinner for 8, 4 courses $40/person, byob

7 pm

for more information or to make reservations, vegshaku8 at gmail

location: loft in west oakland

Menu will be improvised on the following ideas

Kim chi soup with pumpkin and rice cakes
homemade kim chi, in a seaweed -miso borth

fresh rice noodles wrapped with apple smoked tofu and miso glazed pumpkin; hijiki salad

dumpling pumpkin stuffed with Thai red curry (homemade curry paste, homemade coconut milk), homemade tempeh, long beans, red pepper
jade pearl rice
lotus root pickles

Pumpkin waffle sunday with spiced pumpkin sorbet

These menus will be using a variety of different pumpkins, mainly: kabocha, dumpling squash and sugar pie pumpkin

Chef: Philip Gelb, in the Mood for Food catering

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