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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bryant Terry underground restaurant event, Jan 10, 2015

a very special evening at the underground restaurant, this time we are featuring chef and cookbook writer, Bryant Terry. Bryant will be talking between courses and i will be cooking dishes from his books as well as recipes inspired from his writings.

5 course menu to be announced
40 seats available

beer and wine menu available

 Saturday, January 10, 2015
7 pm

LOCATION: Tomate Cafe In Berkeley, 2265 5th street (off bancroft)

To register, please go to:

Tentative menu for Saturday' January 10th popup at Tomate Cafe in Berkeley; a celebration of the incredible culinary traditions of Southern African Americans and the Caribbean. This menu is inspired by the cookbook writer/culinary historian and Oakland resident, Bryant Terry. Bryant will be in attendance and speaking between courses. Still a few seats left for this event.
A separate beer and wine menu will be available featuring wines from my friend Daniel Schoenfeld at Wild Hog Vineyard and some of our favorite California beers.
Please come and join us as this is the first of a series i will be doing with various chefs and food writers.
$75/person for passed appetizers and 4 courses.
this is the tentative menu we are still developing.
Passed Appetizers
jamaican patty stuffed with spicy cabbage and tamarind sauce
black eyed pea fritters w/ hot pepper sauce
Ital soup (coconut milk with root vegetables and greens flavored with hot peppers and allspice).
Salad plate
dandelion salad with pecan dressing, carrot salad with peanut dressing, broccoli with citrus salad, Lima bean - roasted garlic puree.
Pecan crusted tempeh
Roasted Sweet potatoes mashed with oranges or cumin-cayenne mashed potatoes with caramelized onions.
Collards & mustards with garlic and vinegar and apple smoked tofu
some kind of pickle
chocolate pecan pie
orange tequila sauce
banana allspice-coconut ice cream
caramelized bananas with vanilla
condiments on table
smoked pili pili sauce
Jamaican hot sauce


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  1. The manager at meeting rooms was excellent and was able to help us enormously in structuring the flow/feel of the event. He and his staff did an excellent job and exceeded our expectations.