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Thursday, October 15, 2009

wow, did not think i would do this

Never thought i would start a food blog but many people are asking for recipes and such and well, this is a place i will post some as well as write about food and cooking in general. Hopefully this will be fairly interactive and get some interesting conversations going.

For those who are new here and have no idea who i am, i am a chef in the San Francisco Bay Area with a catering and personal chef business, In the Mood for Food. The label vegan is often used to describe my culinary creations since i do not use any animal products in any of my work. Due to spending a fair amount of time in Japan and having a separate career as a shakuhachi player and teacher, there is a very strong influence of Japanese cuisine in my ideas. This is quite evident as are my Eastern European Jewish roots and my serious interest in cuisine from around the world with particular interest in Italy, China (sichuan province in particular!) and Southeast Asian.
In attempts to provide the freshest flavors and produce meals in the most sustainable manner, we try to produce everything ourselves. Thus ingredients such as tempeh, seitan, soymilk, coconut milk, tofu, a variety of noodles are made in our kitchens from the finest, freshest organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. Menus are always seasonally based and with the exception of a few ingredients such as chocolate, spices, teas, coconuts and the occassional tropical fruit or vegetable, always locally based.

We can cater intimate parties for 2 as well as large dinners for 200!

In addition, we host a very popular dinner/concert series, twice a month, pairing 4 or 5 courses of gourmet cuisine with world renowned musicians in intimate spaces in the East Bay.

Group and private cooking classes are available.

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