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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peach class Tuesday, July 27

Come and learn some amazing dishes with peaches!!

Tuesday July 27
7 pm
limited space for 8
For more information or to register, phil at philipgelb dot com

This hands on class will develop this menu together as well as sit down afterwards and enjoy our creations in a delightful, freshly made meal. Like all my classes, this class assumes you already enjoy cooking and have some experience and love of cooking. Here you will learn new techniques, learn about new vegetables and ingredients and demystify many culinary traditions. Come and enjoy cooking in a friendly environment with a handful of other food lovers. The food is always vegan but the participants are often omnivores and all is good.

One of the world's greatest fruits! And for this class we will be using heirloom peaches from the renowned Masumoto family farm! David Mas Masumoto is a third generation, Japanese American farmer in the central valley known for his writing and lecturing as much as his farming. One of the truly great organic farm stories in our state!
come and explore this incredible diverse fruit and learn to make a

full course meal from this delightful treasure.
cold peach soup (peach yuzu gaspacho!)
roasted peach salad with daikon and cucumber
eggplant rollatini rolled with almond "cheese", peaches and basil, sauteed in brandy
raw peach pecan tart
roasted peach salad with salted daikon and cucumber
peach ice "cream"

and more

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