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Saturday, July 17, 2010

menu for dinner for 7 in SF, August 1

Just hired for this 7 course dinner in San Francisco.

august 1
dinner for 7

peach rosewater kanten

cold cucumber miso with wakame

1st small plate
steamed buns stuffed with tempeh char siu
cucumbers pickled with yuzu and chili oil
Tung Ting high mountain oolong tea

2nd small plate
homemade tofu served cold with spicy sesame sauce

roasted peaches
salted daikon and cucumber
plum mustard dressing

peach roasted tempeh
corn with chilis
ong choy stir fried with garlic
Kukicha Japanese green tea

raw peach  tart with walnut (or pecan) date crust
peach vanilla ice "cream"
raspberry sauce

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