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Monday, July 26, 2010

Yuzu menu with Friday, August 27

Yuzu, the amazing Japanese citrus will be the feature of this menu. Recently was introduced to Tomoko Sato, owner of Yuzu Passion,
They are bringing to the US, some very high quality yuzu juice and other yuzu products from excellent, artisan farmers in Shikoku Island, Japan.
For this 6 course menu, i will create many dishes, traditional and unique, using yuzu as an ingredient.

Later in the fall when yuzu is in season, we hope to collaborate with a California yuzu grower to produce an even more complex yuzu menu, using the fresh zest as well as the juice. Any Yuzu growers out there, please contact us!!

yuzu watermelon sorbet

Yuzu flavored gazpacho
the traditional Spanish cold soup infused with yuzu instead of lemon or lime, providing a unique and Japanese taste to this classic summer dish

daikon and mizuna with yuzu dressing

small plate
yuzu blue cornbread with roasted corn and chilis with yuzu

homemade tofu served cold with yuzu soy sauce,
cucumbers pickled with yuzu and sichuan chili oil
green beans with walnut miso yuzu dressing
daikon pickled with yuzu and shoyu
okra tempura

matcha yuzu raspberry cake
yuzu peach ice "cream"

Friday, August 27
8 pm
limited seating for 10 (can expand to 20 if there is enough demand)
$45/person, byob


  1. You are an amazingly chef and wonderful musician.

  2. thank you for your kind, anonymous comment!