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Monday, November 29, 2010

finger foods for a garden opening party in Berkeley Hills, December 4

various dips and breads
homemade Pita bread
homemade pumpkin, mulitgrain, seed breads
hummous, beet-nut, pate, herbed cashew "cheese"

-sope (fried homemade corn tortillas) topped with black bean puree, guacamole and persimmon salsa.

-polenta grilled with wild hedgehog mushrooms and basil (hopefully we will forage our own chanterelles for this!)

-Grilled matsutake mushrooms with shoyu and wasabi

 -yuzu stuffed with Thai red curry. Homemade red curry paste with diced lotus root and long beans with diced homemade tempeh served in a yuzu cup

-yellow mountain  chipotle bean balls in pomegranate-dried tomato sauce (from tomatos i dried earlier in the fall)

-buckwheat knishes with mustard
tempeh and kabocha  kabobs (pomegranate miso glazed homemade tempeh)

deep fried brussel sprouts with smoked salt and yuzu

-chocolate pasta shell stuffed with pecans cranberries and pears
(homemade chocolate pasta shaped into a shell and fried)

-sichuan peppercorn-yuzu truffles

-kaffir lime sorbet served in kaffir limes

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