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Thursday, November 17, 2011

i would like to be minister of food

As the occupy wall street movement grows and evolves, it appears that there will be some changes coming in the future. What these will be, is highly unpredictable. Will marshall law and a massive police state be the rule? We are already seeing insane amounts of police brutality with marines being hospitalized, 85 year old women being pepper sprayed and so on. Or will a more sane form of government actually come to fruition, somehow. Seems rather remote but perhaps there is a chance.
If so, i would like to be considered for the position of secretary of food. For decades, this position has been filled by someone from Monsanto or Conagra or some other absurd huge corporation. My first item of agenda if i was appointed this position would be to close the doors of Monsanto. Then close the doors of Conagra and then ADM, Dupont, and move down the line and utterly remove those corporations who have worked so hard to destroy our food sources.
I would then redistribute their wealth, land, resources (including the many brilliant (though without ethics) people who work for them) to small (25 acre or less) organic farmers.
People voted for change when they gave Obama the presidency. In terms of food (and most other things) we got status quo as he appointed a Monsanto lawyer as the food czar. In other words, the fox is guarding the chicken coop and having a field day. We need real change! Is occupy wall street going to be the answer? I have no idea but am enjoying watching the revolts begin and develop through the country and will continue to observe in person what is happening in the San Francisco bay area!

As minister of food, i wont offer any miniscule, tiny, ridiculous baby steps. Baby steps are for babies and well, apparently, also for the democratic party.  I will offer great strides in real food being grown to feed our country by closing the doors of  the corporations who have worked to destroy our food sources. And opening doors of truly sustainable agriculture and distribution

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