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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

old client returns

Very glad to have an old client return the bay area. After a VP position at google, he then had an under secretary position with the Obama cabinet and is now back in the bay area about to start up his own company.  I first met him and his wife when they were looking for food for their wedding a few years ago. That wedding was the first of many times we have prepared food for them and their friends and family. This time we are catering a party of 75 for a fundraiser for the circus school that his wife is part of.
All finger foods that we will be passing around.

-kaifir lime sorbet, served in the limes and spiked deeply with rum
-socca, chickpea flatbread topped with julienned vegetables
-tofu smoked with tea and apple wood, wrapped in yuba, steamed and served with cranberry mustard.
-cranberry-pumpkin muffins
-kascha knishes. Pumpkin dough wrapped around buckwheat filling.
-ruggelach, our take on the classic jewish pastry, filled with fig jam, walnuts and raisins.

interesting note that at their wedding, i realized i had seen her father pitch against the mets a couple of times back when i was a young child.

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