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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Michael Manring dinner/concert April 28

thrilled that Michael keeps wanting to return as i could never possibly tire of hearing his solo electric bass playing. Truly one of the most innovative players of his instrument, literally redesigning it as well as developing many new techniques. Michael 's musical genius and warm, kind presence graces our series yet again on Saturday April 28

Saturday April 28
8 pm
limited seating for 20
for more information or to make reservations, vegshaku8 at gmail

dal with asparagus and asparagus pakora

roasted beets with arugula, spinach, pecans and pomegranate vinaigraitte

small plate
fresh tofu and fresh yuba charcuterie plate

tostada (homemade tortilla) piled with mexican rice, rancho gordo farm beans, guacamole, sauteed kale with olives. mole sauce; polenta chipotle fries

waffle sundae
cocoa waffles with caramelized bananas, walnuts and strawberry-pistachio ice cream (homemade cashew based ice cream)

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