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Friday, February 17, 2012

return to our fave clients for a dinner, February 18

Always a delight to return to the beautiful home of Erin and Anthony in the Berkeley hills to prepare some wonderful food for some very friendly people. Erin has had her duties as an Arsenal wife,  cut out for her recently and has helped Anthony hang in there during a rather difficult season.  Hopefully Arsenal will win their FA cup game the morning of this dinner, keeping their only chances of a trophy alive for yet another year.  Otherwise, perhaps some extra drinking on behalf of one of the hosts and some interesting Arsene Wenger accented moments.

This time we are preparing a 4 course meal with a Jewish theme.  Now that i think of it, there is a Jewish player on Arsenal, now!

lentil patties and asparagus in horseradish broth

tangerine arugula raddichio salad

collard rolls (stuffed with garbanzos, wild rice and baked in a tomato pomegranate sauce)
cauliflower kugel
kascha knishes

apple lemon cake with meyer lemon frosting
saffron-rosewater-cardamom ice "cream"


  1. Phil -- thanks to you and Cori for a wonderful dinner as usual. We had a great evening, and the food was not in anyway tainted by Arsenal related frustration. Really delicious. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. (The PSG match is actually pretty good. You'll especially like when Alex gets kicked in the head.)


  2. It was only fun seeing Alex get kicked in the head when he played for Chelsea!! :)
    I never watch French games, are they more interesting than what became of the Italian league?