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Saturday, May 26, 2012

memorial day catering gig

Returning for yet another party at Erin and Anthony's beautiful home in the Berkeley Hills on Monday evening.  Looking forward to preparing and serving them and their friends; always a total joy to work with these people.  This time we will prepare a Spanish style spring buffet along with one of each of their favorite finger foods from prior events, knishes and sopes.

Paella: saffroned rice with spring vegetables
Asparagus roasted with pine nuts and lemon
zuchini, ajillo style
green salad with sherry vinegar dressing
knishes (semolina-olive oil dough stuffed with roasted root vegetables and broccoli served with batampte mustard)
sope (homemade tortillas stuffed with black bean puree, guacamole and salsa
giant beans with olive oil and rosemary
fried polenta chips with smoked paprika
roasted eggplant dip
garbanzo bean dip
rosemary-sage flatbread
cherry chocolate cake
cherry ice "cream" (cashew based)