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Friday, July 19, 2013

photos of peach menu by Jojo Soriano

 peach-blueberry cobbler with peach pistachio rosewater sorbet
Marcy Masumoto charmed us between courses, telling stories about the family, the farm, peaches and reading from the wonderful writings by her, her daugher Nikiko and her amazing husband, David "Mas" Masumoto, one of California's brilliant farmers!

 vietnamese style spring roll with peach mustard and peach sweet and sour sauce.

grilled peach with cashew "chevre" coated with peppercorns, chervil and chives with mizuna and cherry balsamic reduction

homemade tempeh in peach barbecue sauce on baquette pieces with radichio salad and sauteed corn, chilis and squash.

peach set in blueberry kanten with peaches and blueberries marinated in 10 year old Niku Jaya (Japanese brandy)

Almond garlic gazpacho with peaches, cucumbers and olive oil

with my A-team, sous chef Cori and server, Isabelle.

These photos were taken by Jojo Soriano! From the Masumoto farms peach menu at the underground restaurant, july, 2013

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