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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shoko Hikage dinner/concert Sunday, Jan 31, 2016

Sound and Savor presents
Shoko Hikage dinner/concert

Sunday, January 31, 2016
7 pm
limited space for 20
for more information or to make reservations,

Quite excited to have my old friend, Shoko Hikage return to the series. One of the finest koto players living in North America, Shoko is also in the food industry. Her husband is a sushi chef and they own Amasia Sushi in the Castro in San Francisco!
She will be playing new music for koto including a piece by Hyo Shin Na, "Five Pieces on Poems by Hikage Yoshie".

Shoko Hikage began playing koto at the age of three. Her first teacher was Chizuga Kimura of the Ikuta-ryu Sokyoku Seigen Kai in Akita Prefecture, Japan. From 1985, she received special training from the IEMOTO Seiga Adachi. In 1988, Hikage graduated from Takasaki College with a major in koto music. She was then accepted as a special research student (uchideshi) in Sawai Sokyoku In under Tadao and Kazue Sawai, where she received her master's certificate (kyoshi). Hikage also completed a one-year intensive seminar at the Sawai Sokyoku In. In 1992, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to teach koto at the Sawai Koto Kai Hawaii (Sawai Koto Institute Hawaii branch) and at the University of Hawaii. In 1997, she moved to San Francisco where she continues her performing activities. Hikage premiered Hyo-shin Na's “Crazy Horse" for Korean Traditional Orchestra and Koto Solo with the National Orchestra of Traditional Instruments in Seoul, Korea in November, 2011. In the Bay Area, she has presented the first performances of several works of Hyo-shi Na, Eunjoo Oh and Walter Zimmermann.


5 types of dal with ginger and lotus root/kabocha pakora

caramelized leeks, roasted gold beets, blood oranges, toasted pecans, mizuna with pecan orange dressing.

Yellow Curry with Tofu, Kabocha, Satsuma imo, sato-imo.
Jade Pearl Bamboo rice.
Daikon pickles
tokyo turnip pickles

Homemade waffle cones filled with matcha pistacho ice cream and oolong vanilla ice cream (cashew based), orange mirin sauce


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