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Friday, January 29, 2016

Ital: Jamaican feast, February 5, 2016 in Oakland

Flavors of Jamaica! Ital cuisine, the vegan food of the rastafarians, one of the most colorful and flavorful of the globe's vegetarian tradittions!
 Friday, February 5, 2016
7 pm
limited space for 20

for more information and to register, please follow the link:


Ital Soup. Allspice coconut broth with root vegetables, lime and herbs.

Jamaican pattie: A turmeric spiced dough filled with curried cabbage, carrots and peas, served with tamarind sauce and a side of cho-cho apple salad

Black eyed pea fritters, turned cornmeal, Calalu (mustards, collards, spinach stewed with taro), mango habanero sauce

Ice cream cones
Homemade waffle cones with soursop coconut ice cream and spiced banana chocolate (cashew based) with cookie crumbles and mango sauce.


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