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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thanksgiving catering menu

Place your thanksgiving orders, soon! We will be delivering all over the bay area on the holiday and the day before.
Please contact me if you have questions or would like more menu options.

As always, everything is hand made from local, organic ingredients.

-cauliflower watercress miso soup $13/quart
-white bean with kale soup $12/quart
-lentil/roast vegetable soup $12/quart
-split pea soup $12/quart
-adzuki bean/kabocha miso soup $13/quart
-potato sorrel soup $13/ quart
-potato leek soup $14/ quart
-pumpkin miso soup with snow peas and enoki mushroom $14/ quart
-carribean pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed pesto $14/ quart
-acorn squash soup $14/ quart
-tofu spinach soup $12/quart

-cranberry sauce $10/cup
-cranberry port sauce $20/cup
-roasted pureed root vegetables $5/serving
-roasted sweet potatoes $4 serving
-sauteed greens with olives and pine nuts $3 /serving
-roasted pureed butternut squash $3/serving
-mushroom sauce $10/quart
-wild mushroom sauce (price varies on the type of mushroom and availability)
-salad dressings are $8/cup and include the following flavors: Creamy herb miso, lime cilantro miso, date pomegranate, basil balsamic, mustard herb, lemon poppyseed miso
-roasted brussel sprouts with pine nuts $4/serving
-roasted brussel sprouts with yuzu dressing $6/serving
-roasted beets with horseradish and basil $4/serving
-roasted red beets and butternut squash with basil $4/serving
-mixed green salad $3/serving
-tangerine-spinach salad w/ tangerine dressing
-seaweed salad $3.50 serving
-roasted portabella mushroom/arugula/radichio salad $5/serving
-carrots/fennel and pecans with maple dressing $6/serving
-green papaya salad $4/serving
-dandelion greens with walnut miso dressing $4/serving
-choy sum stir fried with garlic and ginger $4/serving
-braised red cabbage $4/serving
-wild rice pilaf $10/serving
-polenta w sun dried tomatos $6/serving
-polenta w/ wild mushrooms $7/serving
-buckwheat pilaf $5/serving
-kascha knishes $36/dozen knishes
-vegan quiches $40/quiche - 8 servings (variety of fillings available)
-black bean tart with green salsa $40/tart - 8 servings
-lasagna our homemade pasta, homemade almond ricotta and homemade red sauce. $80/tray, serves 8-12
-canneloni $11/serving

-pumpkin pie $30
-apple walnut tart $28
-pear pecan tart $28
-apple pie $26
-pear pie $26
-pecan pie $35
-brownies $24/tray
-carrot - oat cookies $10/dozen

-delicata squash stuffed with pecans, pink lentils, herbs and veggies $8/serving
pumpkin ravioli with walnut sage sauce $10/serving
-Whole baked pumpkin stuffed with thai green curry (price depends on size of pumpkin and party)
-collard leaves stuffed with lentils, rice, vegetables, herbs in tomato pomegranate sauce $16/person
-baked acorn squash, stuffed with apples and walnuts, veggies and herbs $14/ per squash, serves 2-4
-thai red curry with pumpkin, tofu and long beans ($11/serving)
-Thai massamam curry with potato, tofu, long bean, lotus root and peanut ($11/serving)
-tofu dengaku (broiled tofu with sesame miso topping)($7/serving)
-seitan char shiu $14/pint
-baked marsala tofu $4/serving
-cornmeal/spiced crusted baked tofu $4/serving

ice "creams". Our renowned cashew based ice creams are a favorite of many omnivores and vegans! prices are $12-$20 for 1 liter. limited availability
our current flavors include but are certainly not limited to: vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla chocolate chip, rosewater saffron, cardamom- saffron, rosewater-cardamom, spiced pumpkin, spiced pumpkin rum, strawberry, matcha (green tea)


  1. oh so amazing options. Looks good Philip!
    we should do a video profile of your catering service sometime!

  2. thank you Mischa! will be adding more entrees, later today.

    A video would be most welcome :)

  3. What an incredible menu!

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish something fabulous would happen in my life so I could hire you. So many yummy selections...

  5. So many option I'd like all of them that was absolutely amazing menu.Keep posting!