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Sunday, April 24, 2011

last night's review

review from food prepared for my favorite client for a party of 6, last night
"It was fantastic!
"When we served the salad, one of guests was in absolute raptures!  He said it was "F-lawless!"  Everyone was blown away. Then when we served the main, they were in more raptures.  One guest was Italian and really knows his cannelloni, and he was seriously impressed with yours.  More rapturous compliments, especially the tomato sauce.  The tofu was also awesome.  I've never thought of doing tofu with rosemary before, but that was fantastic.  I will have to get the recipe for that one.  I felt that the greens were a bit too bitter for me, but everyone else seemed happy with them, so there you go.  And of course the truffles went over extremely well.  More raptures!  :-)"

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