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Thursday, April 7, 2011

hot pot dinner, Friday April 22

Dinner only for this one!
Been a while since we hosted an event with only food instead of our usual pairing of food with world class musicians.

Hot Pot Dinner

steamed Buns filled with tempeh char siu and asparagus served with homeamde chili oil

Tofu and watercress and wood ears

each couple will have their own hot pot to cook at their table.
Stock will be a spicy sichuan broth of seaweed and mushroom stock and a variety of spices. You can control the heat so if you like mild, that is possible.
An arrangements of homemade noodles, homemade tempeh, flat tofu and tofu (from our friends at, mushrooms, greens (gai lan, choy sum mue) for you to cook at the table.
served with:
choy sum stir fried with shitake and garlic
hijiki salad
wakame with daikon.
daikon and tokyo turnips pickled nukamisozuke style
lotus root tempura


Seating for 10
in a loft in oakland
for more information or to make reservations vegshaku8 at gmail

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