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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dinner for 19 in Berkeley, June 18

Returning to our favorite client, this Saturday. Some finger foods, a buffet and a wonderful dessert for 19, this time.

Finger foods:
-cherry cabernet kanten. Made with Wild Hog 2004 Red Hill, Sonoma County Cabernet avgnon
-cherry/tea smoked tofu and steamed snow peas and asparagus wrapped in yuba with cherry karashi (mustard) sauce
-Sope: homemade tortilla bowls fried with black bean puree, roasted vegetable salsa, guacamole,

-Massamum curry with tofu, lotus root, peas, heirloom potatos, pineapple and thai basil.
-3 kinds of heirloom rice: black forbidden, jade pearl and red bhutanese rices
-Grilled peach salad with gold dust peaches from Masumoto family farm, salted daikon and cucumber, fried parsnip and cherry coriander dressing
-gai lan stir fried with ginger, lemongrass and sichuan peppecorns
-choy sum stir fried with shitake

cherry pistachio cake with truffle frosting
peach roswater walnut sorbet (masumoto farms peaches)

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