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Sunday, September 18, 2011

berry pancakes recipe while Real Madrid loses

 This is my idea of a great Sunday breakfast.

First find a link online to watch  the Levante-Real Madrid game. If you know me, you know of my love of European soccer and disdain of all things connected to fascism. Thus my least favorite team in the world is Real Madrid, formerly the official team of General Franco and thus a symbol of fascism.  Real Madrid is also the richest team in the world, buying absurd amounts of players year after year, struggling the past few years to try to attain the level of team that their arch rivals FC Barcelona have reached under Pep Guardiola.

Levante is a team from Valencia i know little about as they are rarely in the first division in Spain but last year they were quite impressive. But any team that plays Real Madrid, especially this current version under the despicable coach, the pompous Jose Maurinho is a team i am cheering for, wholeheartedly!

ok, breakfast is needed.

And we happen to have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries leftover from the last 2 nights of catering gigs! Pancake time!

 first i mixed up the dry stuff:

1/2 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
pinch sea salt

to this i added: 2 tsp grapeseed oil and 1 and 1/2 cups soymilk (no sweeteners, gums or stabilizers, of course in the soymilk!!) and whisked it together gently Never overmix your pancake batter or it will develop gluten and become rather not pleasant textured. Fold in the berries, again, do not overmix! Let the batter sit a while. Meanwhile....

halftime and it is 0-0. Levante is defending like crazy and the zillionaire players working for the fascists are showing they are overpaid bozaks, looking confused. Pepe is the usual thug, hijacking any player who dares to come near the Madrid penalty box, using his usual by any means necessary tactics, highly encouraged under coach Maurinho.  Gone is thug Khedira as he already took 2 yellows and Madrid plays the second half with only 10 players! Interesting to note that thugs often get  a lot of work for fascist regimes. What is up with this crap under this coach? This stye of play did not happen under Pellegrini and never while Raul was still captain (says wonders how Maurinho wanted Raul off his team as soon as he became coach). Even when Barcelona trounced Madrid in Madrid's, own gorgeous stadium 3 years ago 2-6, Raul and Barcelona's captain, Puyol, walked off arm in arm, talking like old friends! For the sake of the sport, fire Maurinho and play some beautiful futbol! Let us go back to hating Real Madrid because they are rich and connected to Franco (and all the payoffs and cheating that entailed), not because of ugly tactics! :)

Time to cook!
i heated up a pan. Cast iron skillet under a low flame for 15 minutes. The secret of pancakes is a very hot skillet!

Watching  Levante pull off some unreal samurai style defending. Damn, this is good stuff to see! Even though they are a man up, they are still getting attacked intensely yet not allowing Madrid to get shots off!

in goes a spoonful of batter. let it cook till bubbles appear through the top of the pancake and flip it over. 60th minute and it still 0-0! Ole, Levante, Ole!

Universal rule of pancakes, flip once! Never twice or more. Again it is a texture thing. There is simply no way around this. When cooking pancakes, flip once and do not flip too early. or too late..

Cori eats the first one and is loving it.

65th minute and still 0-0. i get the second pancake ad oh this is good stuff (to taste and to see) . Covered in maple, of course! So many different flavors. each bite is a different berry!
75th minute, breakaway, go Levante! Damn, the wing held it too long and shot goes inches wide.
76th, another break, GOAL, Levante scores, 1-0. Best part of the goal is it takes place right in front of thug Pepe who is on the ground, having been spun around and tossed like a ragdoll. Stunning passes to create this goal and a fine finish that sent Pepe flying and Casillas (perhaps the world' finest goalkeeper) was stunned as the shot went out of his reach.
14 more minutes of great defending, Madrid barely gets any shots the entire game and it is 1-0, game almost finished!

  And right at the end, while falling to the ground, a Levante defender clocked  Christiano Ronaldo.  Is this guy a master of drunk monk style kung fu?!? Not full contact but he stunned him, good! And no foul, no yellow, nothing. Just a good shot to the precious chin of pretty boy Ronnie. I told Cori, i bet this guy just fulfilled a dream, punching Ronaldo in his home stadium as his team wins!  4 years ago his friends laughed at him a he said, "One day we will beat Madrid in our own stadium and i will punch Ronaldo in the process".  Levante was a mid level 2nd division team and Ronaldo played for Manchester United, but tonight he is the man as he decked Ronaldo and Levante took home 3 points while Maurinho walked off the field as if he was about to go rape a goat or some other drastic move that overpaid fascist idiots do when they are pissed.  All that money down the drain as a low budget team beats Madrid while i eat some of the best pancakes ever!

game over, Levante 1 Real Madrid 0. how sweet these pancakes taste!

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