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Friday, September 30, 2011

private cooking class October 1

Thank you to my friend/colleague Jesse Miner for this referral, a last minute private cooking class has come up.

Going to help 2 enthusiastic beginner cooks learn several new skills, techniques and dishes.  They will be learning to create their own Thai curry paste, a couple of simple desserts like carrot oat cookies and an apple walnut tart, a wonderful Spanish style bean salad using many kinds of fresh beans and more.
They will be discovering new ingredients such as lotus root, yuzu and perhaps touch a mortar and pestle for the first time.
These private cooking classes are always a blast for me and the students. Quite fun to share knowledge and techniques to help people eat better in their own homes and they can then share and inspire their friends.  It is really nice to see the demystification of how dishes are created occur on the faces of students while showing them how to prepare what once seemed like "exotic" food.

I am always available for private cooking classes in addition to the public ones i offer, $50/hour plus cost of ingredients and travel

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