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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Robert Dick dinner/concert, April 5, 2014!!

Saturday April 5, 2014
8 pm
limited seating for 20
$60/person byob
for more information or to register, vegshaku8 at gmail.

This will take place in a private loft in Oakland. Address only given to those who register.

We are quite excited to have the great flute player, Robert Dick return to the dinner/concert series for his second appearance. Robert will be playing solo on flute, piccolo and bass flute. Come hear one of the most virtuosic and innovative flute players of his generation; the guy who literally wrote the book on new music flute techniques!

Much of Robert's music is always improvised. The kitchen is taking the same approach for this evening, thus no advanced menu items will be posted. However in early April you can expect peas, asparagus, early season beans, spring onions, all sorts of "Asian" greens, strawberries and perhaps some late season citrus. Of course some of my signature tempeh experiments will appear somewhere on the menu (not in dessert, i promise), and some of the cashew based sorbets will appear (most likely in the dessert). Those who know the food coming out of this series know that everything is handmade or sourced locally from friends such as Rhizocali Tempeh, who are a few blocks away or Tofu Yu, LLC in Berkeley. The musicians on the series are known for their virtuosic approach, informed by a multitude of cultural traditions yet presented in very contemporary, often avant garde approaches. The kitchen collaborates in a very similar fashion! This is the first dinner/concert of 2014 and with us is a flute player who has blown my ears apart and expanded what i thought flutes were capable of since i was in College!

The food is always devoid of animal products

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