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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

finger foods for 40 in Palo Alto this Saturday

This should be a fun party! Hardika, a very friendly woman and her sister  Khyati, came by for a tasting last month.

A handful of finger foods to celebrate Hardika's 40th birthday.

Fried fried dumplings w/ peanut mint pesto 
-homemade dumpling dough rolled out and stuffed with a mixture of walnuts, lotus roots, choy sum and sprouts, fried up and served with a spicy mint-cilantro peanut sauce.

collard rolls
-collard leaves steamed and stuffed with our famous homemade tempeh (which will be roasted with apples, pomgranate mollases, red miso and spices), wild rice pilaf and roasted butternut squash. Then steamed and served with a roasted garlic sesame sauce

bean tart with mango salsa
-Small tarts, prepared with a spicy pie crust filled with flavorful black bean puree made from Rancho Gordo black beans and topped with mango salsa.

socca w/ asparagus and sun dried tomato
-the  classic french flatbread made from chickpeas and topped with asparagus , sun dried toamtos and herbs

polenta w/ mushrooms
-some italian flavors for the spread

potatos stuffed with greens, indian flavored
-we will take some of the wondeful dry farmed potatos coming out of Sonoma county, cut them in half, and steam them. Remove the flesh of the potato and fry up the shells.
Then prepare the potatos with some mustard greens with cumin, tumeric, coriander and other spices and herbs and stuff it back in the potato shells

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