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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maurinho loses to Barcelona yet again

Once again, there will be more than the usual 2 el classicos, this season between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and once again Barcelona is kicking the representatives of facscism's butt.
Today they met in the first of 2 game for the quarter finals of the Spanish cup. Started off as a great game and it appeared that Maurinho was going to actually play futbol. And Madrid scored early on a counter attack as Ronaldo raced up the left side and slammed one past Pinto. Other than that it was once again, mainly Barcelona in control of the ball and the game and they came from behind to win 1-2, the second time in 2 months beating los fascisimos in the Madrid stadium.  First half, for the most part was good football by both teams with Madrid defending well and trying to counter but not getting much against the solid midfield and defense of the Catalans.
The game took an ugly turn as soon as Puyol nailed a header to tie the game. Then came the usual aggression and really ugly, cynical moves. Pepe stomped on Messi's hand, literally! and got away with it as it would have been his second yellow and thus a red. And Carvalho and Ramos also got away with incredibly hard tackles and off the ball hits and stomps of barca players. 4 yellows to Madrid and 3 to Barca by the end of the game but it should have been 2 reds for madrid and only 2 yellows for barca as Pique's yellow seemed a little out of nowhere. Several bad calls in the game, mostly in Madrid's favor.
Towards the end of the game, the ref was having some harsh words with the idiot coach Maurinho. Very curious what he was saying, probably something along the lines of, "please take your tactics and your thug Pepe and leave Spain and let Spanish football get more respectable again."

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