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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tim Berne solo dinner/concert Sunday, February 26

Tim Berne, a great alto saxophone players and a fascinating composer is coming to the bay area. Thanks to a suggestion of my friend Seth, i contacted him, mentioning the 6 year dinner/concert series and not only was he intrigued but he was coming out here, next month! So for the first time in many years Tim Berne is giving a solo concert and a rare appearance in the bay area.

Sunday, February 26
7 pm
limited seating for 20
$55/person, byob
for more information or to make reservations, vegshaku8 at gmail

5 course menu to be anounced soon

asparagus chowder

wild arugula, roasted rainbow carrots, sliced pears, parsnip chips

small plate
homemade tempeh smoked with applewood
brocolli with cashew "cream" sauce
homemade oat rolls

bean and mushroom stew (4 kinds of heirloom beans from rancho gordo farms with chanterelles, wood ears, hedgehog and black trumpet mushrooms)
cauliflour kugel
roasted kale

chocolate cake with truffle frosting
chocolate rum ice "cream"

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