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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cooking class series

Would there be interest in this series that i am thinking of putting on the schedule.
Cost would be $50 per class or $480 for the whole series, a discount of $120.

i am tweeking the idea but am starting with

12 part series, class meeting once a week, either a weekend early afternoon or a weekday evening.
The idea is that over the 12 part series, numerous culinary traditions will be explored via a variety of techniques, using local, seasonal organic ingredients. The focus on the class is to create exceptional, high quality food from scratch, using no packaged or processed ingredients.

8 students per class. Everything is hands on, so all dishes will be prepared (and consumed) by the members of the class and leftovers from the class work will be distributed among the students to take home.

1 knife skills, kitchen safety, work stations, kitchen set

2 stocks and soups
-vegetable stock
-simple dal soup
-seasonal vegetable soup (spring- pea/cashew cream; summer-gazpacho)
-miso soup

3 sauces
"cheese" sauce
mushroom sauce
seasonal fruit sauces, savory and sweet
black bean sauce
sichuan chili oil

4 raw salads and salad dressings
mixed green salad
seaweed salad
bean salad
grain salad
herb miso dressing
lemon poppyseed dressing
pomegranate-date dressing

5 sauteeing, frying, deep frying

6 stews and thai curries

7 pickling
variety of Japanese quick pickles such as burdock with sesame peppercorn dressing, turnips with yuzu, daikon tea pickles.
seasonal vegetables pickled

8 yeast breads, pizzas, rolls and loaves
a long day class where we will prepare bagels, bialys, pizza, multi grain rolls and breads

9 pasta noodles and dumplings
noodle dough
almond "ricotta"
Thai style curry noodle soup

10 greens
sauteed italian greens with olives and capers and pine nuts
stuffed cabbage rolls
stuffed collard rolls
stir fried choy sum with mushrooms

11 root vegetables
exploration of beets, celery root, turnips, sweet potatos, turnips, potatos, carrots, radishes
12 throwing it all together
students are given ingredients and told to go for it. (only open to those who have attended several other classes, if the series does not sell out)


  1. I would definitely be interested in participating, especially if it will support your being able to stay in the bay area. Let me know when it's happening!
    - julia ish.

  2. i am not going to offer this full series, just yet. I put up one class for June and will soon put up another and more for July as well.