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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lori Goldston dinner/concert, June 19

Our ever popular dinner/concert series pairing world renowned musicians with vegetarian cuisine is nearing the end of the 4th year!
For this evening, visiting from Seattle is the brilliant cellist, Lori Goldston. For many years, she has led her own ensemble, Black Cat Orchestra as well as playing in various ensembles from Nirvana to orchestras. She is very active doing soundtracks to films and she and i recently collaborated on the Ozu film, "Passing Fancy" which we are performing in Oakland, 2 nights after this solo appearance.

bean thread, flat tofu, gai lan in a lemongrass/keffir lime broth

sake/mirin braised peaches, fried parsnip strips, mizuna, basil oil, yuzu juice, salted daikon & cucumber
(made with heirloom peaches from the Masumoto family farm!)

Small plate
round zucchini stuffed with La Yapa Quinoa, Rancho Gordo brown tepary bean, morels and green onion, herbs
plum sauce

tempeh marinated and roasted in cherry infused marsala wine, herbs, spices
(homemade tempeh made from soy, wild rice and basmati rice)
roasted pureed root cakes
pickled beets

peach rosewater kanten
peach brandy sorbet
(made with heirloom peaches from the Masumoto family farm!)

limited seats for 20
location: loft in Oakland
Saturday, June 19
8 pm


  1. Has this event been filled yet? Looking to reserve two seats if possible!

  2. Thank you but not only has this been filled but it happened 2 years ago. :)