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Thursday, May 20, 2010

July Saturday dinners for 8 Spanish Futbol tribute menu, July 31,

Saturday, July 31, 2010
8:00pm - 10:30pm
for more information or to sign up:
phil at philipgelb dot com
510 393 6096

A Spanish menu with tributes to some favorite futbol players from Spain :)
Celebrating the Spanish victory in the world cup, this summer! And of course, Catalonia has just banned bullfighting. Let us not forget it was a mostly Catalan team that won the cup for Spain!

Guardiola's Gazpacho
heirloom tomatos, heirloom cucumbers, heirloom peppers, spices, lime
(Pep Guardiola, formerly a great player for Barcelona and Spain and currently amazing coach

bean salad
Bojan's beans. Bojan is a 19 year old whizkid, yet another futbol genius from the Barcelona youth program with a serious future of entertaining playing ahead.
heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo farms as well as other local, fresh beans marinated in olive oil, herbs and spices and lemon adorned with roasted summer squashes and smoked nut "cheese"

small plate
Etoo's eggplant (Why didBarcelona trade Samuel Etoo, last year?
amazing striker and great smile form this Cameroonian international)
Eggplant rolled with heirloom peaches, almond "ricotta" and basil, simmered in brandy

-Puyol's Paelle. mushroom/pea/saffron (for Carles Puyol, el Capitan for Barcelona, one of the greatest centerbacks to ever play the game!)
-Lionel's lentil stuffed pepper (for Lionel Messi, European football player of the year)
-Raul's romesco sauce. Ok, you are asking what is a Real Madrid player, let alone their captain doing here? Well, i respect Raul, despite the fact that he had a career playing for a fascist team and am glad he is coming to the US this summer to play in the MLS. The classic Spanish roasted red pepper sauce

peaches poached in Spanish wine and spices
yuzu saffron sorbet


  1. Amazing menu, made even more so by the tribute to the Spanish team, Catalonia and Barça! This could make some of your favorite players into vegetarians.

    Raul just got traded, and I'm sure he'd appreciate some good romesco before he starts his steady diet of German sausage.

    I did a few World Cup-based rants for my music blog, Stuck Between Stations, including this tribute to Carles Puyol's hair:

    In case you to try a beef-free Argentine menu sometime, which Messi might enjoy, here are our reasons not to cry for Diego Maradona, with a suggested soundtrack:

  2. Thank you Roger

    several menu changes actually. here is what we are serving up in about 90 minutes :)
    have not put in dedications to the updated menu

    i cant possibly cry for Maradona not can i imagine a vegetarian Argentinian menu but i can look into that idea

    heirloom tomatos, heirloom cucumbers, heirloom peppers, spices, yuzu

    bean salad
    Rancho Gordo farms gigante beans, fresh cranberry beans
    marinated in olive oil, herbs and spices and lemon adorned with roasted summer squashes, romaine and smoked nut pate

    small plate
    Roasted vegetables, Catalan style
    mushrooms, Ajillo style

    -eggplants stuffed with Rancho Gordo yellow eyed beans
    -romesco sauce.

    peaches poached in Spanish wine with saffron yuzu sorbet