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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tempeh class, June 29

Tuesday, June 29
7 pm
limited space for 8
$50 ($40 if you are buying more than 2 classes at a time)

This hands on class will develop this menu together as well as sit down afterward and enjoy our creations in a delightful, freshly made meal. Like all my classes, this class assumes you already enjoy cooking and have some experience and love of cooking. Here you will learn new techniques, learn about new vegetables and ingredients and demystify many culinary traditions. Come and enjoy cooking in a friendly environment with a handful of other food lovers. The food is always vegan but the participants are often omnivores and all is good.

Tempeh class!

About 5 years ago i started producing my own tempeh for myself, my business and recently for friends and some other chefs. There is no comparison between freshly made tempeh and the pasteurized, frozen and shipped kind we find in stores. Since there is no artisan tempeh business in the bay area, if you want the fresh kind, you will need to learn how to produce your own. In this class we will learn how to make our own tempeh as well as a handful of amazing dishes with tempeh.

Tempeh breakfast scramble
tempeh marinated and baked with stone fruits, red miso and spices
Fried tempeh with tamarind -jalapeno sauce
tempeh with peanut sauce

and more

For those, not familiar with tempeh, it is a very ancient food from Indonesia made from soybeans.

to register with this class or for more information:
phil at philipgelb dot com
510 393 6096

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