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Thursday, May 20, 2010

July dinners for 8, Saturday, July 24, Peach menu with Matsumoto farms peaches!

We are taking a waiting list in case of last minute cancellations for this one.

Special treat for this one!

We will create a 6 course menu from David Mas Masumoto's heirloom peaches!
for several decades, the Masumoto family farm has producing incredible, heirloom peaches. Mas converted the farm to organic over 2 decades ago and his daughter will soon become the 4th generation to take over the farm.
Their suncrest peach is one of the finest pieces of fruit you will ever come across. Large, upwards of 2 pounds each, with a bright gorgeous sunburst color, dripping with juice. These peaches are amazing to cook with.
Come celebrate my favorite fruit from one of my favorite regional farmers with 5 courses

Saturday, July 24, 2010
8:00pm - 10:30pm
for more information or to sign up:
phil at philipgelb dot com
510 393 6096

peach rosewater kanten

roasted peaches with daikon, cucumber and shiso-yuzu dressing

small plate
eggplant rolled with peaches, almond "ricotta" basil, sauteed in brandy

another small plate
Rancho Gordo Yellow Mountain bean burgers
peach chipotle sauce
roasted corn relish
grilled raddichio

peach roasted tempeh (homemade tempeh, of course)
rice (from Massa Organics)
stir fried choy sum with garlic and ginger

peach pecan tart
peach rosewater ice cream
raspberry sauce

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